Shetland Transport Timetables

Bus Timetables

Shetland Islands Council's bus timetables page.

Ferry Timetables

Shetland Islands Council's inter-island ferry timetables page.

Shetland Tourism Websites

The official website for tourism in Shetland.

Attractions And Activities In Shetland

Seabirds And Seals

Spectacular nature watching around the island of Noss, with sailings from Lerwick.

Shetland Otters

Guided otter-spotting trips with some of Europe's foremost otter experts.

Shetland Nature

Nature watching trips around Shetland's stunning coastline.

Hermaness Nature Reserve

Spectacular wildlife at the most northerly point in the UK.

Shetland Golf Club

Shetland offers opportunities for round-the-clock golf in mid-summer.

Shetland Music And Festivals

Shetland Accordion and Fiddle Festival

A highly popular event on the fiddle and accordion scene. Held annually in October.

Shetland Folk Festival

Another popular event, held annually in April or May.

Shetland Weather Forecast

Northisles Weather

Weather forecast for Shetland, updated daily.